You Have To Start Somewhere…

Welcome to the first blog for Binalong Beef!

We are a small beef cattle operation located at Berrico, New South Wales, just south of Gloucester and tucked in next to the Running River Nature Reserve and the Chichester State Forrest. God’s country!

My name is Justin and I operate the farm with my brother, Nathan, and we hope, over time, to be able to produce high quality, organic beef. Easier said than done!

Presently, we are finding our way. We are currently running 11 Belted Galloway cross steers and 10 Black Angus steers which we will increase over time (just as soon as we finish the slashing, tree felling, fencing…).

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and, hopefully, at some point in the not too distant future, making available some prime NSW beef.

Until next time…

View from the farm

View from the farm

Love that view.

Love that view.

First photo of the back paddock

First photo of the back paddock

6 thoughts on “You Have To Start Somewhere…

  1. What a great bit of Australian countryside. I would be very interested to see some photos of your steers.

  2. Hoorah Justin and Lieske. Good luck guys! This is going to be an awesome adventure. – Maria, Alec, Sofia and Alexander. PS: can’t wait to try the beef – yum!!!

    • Thanks Maria. I will put you on top of the Binalong Beef customer list. Might be a bit of wait though…

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