So, what is Binalong Beef all about?

Good question! I have been asking myself that a lot lately.

Binalong (the farm) is 613 acres of rolling NSW countryside (others would say hilly) located at Berrico (20kms south of Gloucester). Approximately one third of the farm is cleared land, with the rest being rain forest and fairly heavily timbered country. Lots of dirt tracks, lots greenery and lots of nature. Hopefully, perfect beef cattle country!

Back paddock facing south east

Back paddock facing south east

Presently, we are working on dividing the property into four (maybe six) permanent paddocks. We are lucky in that we have plenty of spring fed dams and Berrico Creek runs along our North West boundary. So hopefully no water issues!

The property itself is postcard perfect (well, we think so anyway) and has awesome views down the valley towards Berrico and Copeland. Some evenings we just sit on the veranda and watch the colours change as the sun goes down.

View from the hill


View from the hill

That said, it is not all beer and skittles. We are finding out that there is a lot of hard yakka to get through, from chasing cattle through 5 foot high bladey grass to dealing with temperamental machinery. Still, we are up for the challenge (at least, we are for now…).

Farm in the mist

Farm in the mist

Life's a Farm

Life’s a Farm



2 thoughts on “So, what is Binalong Beef all about?

  1. Wow! The pictures are amazing! 613 acres – phew! My mom grew up on a 20 acre farm and it took me multiple summer vacations down there to familiarize myself with every part of the farm. My finite mind cannot imagine what 613 acres looks like! All the best!

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