Rain, Glorious Rain

After 3 months of not a drop of rain, the heavens have opened and the Berrico Creek is flowing again.Berrico (Oct Nov 2013) 150Berrico (Oct Nov 2013) 156

For a while there, things were starting to look a bit grim. Our dams were low and it was hot, damn hot. As with everything in the country, you ask a local for their opinion, including on all matters weather related.
Berrico (Oct Nov 2013) 059

The general response seemed to be, “Don’t worry, city boy. It will rain. Not sure when but it will rain.”

Berrico (Oct Nov 2013) 201

And, thankfully it did.

As an aside, we negotiated the return of our crazy Belted Galloway steers. We were sad to see them go but they had broken one fence too many. I wish them well.
Berrico (October 2013) 016Berrico (October 2013) 164ONoBerrico (October 2013) 085

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