Infamy by Lenny Bartulin

Infamy by Lenny Bartulin
I have just finished reading a cracking novel by my good mate, Lenny Bartulin.

Infamy is Lenny’s fourth novel, following his Jack Susko crime trilogy, set in colonial Van Diemen’s Land. The story revolves around unsavoury characters, the lure of rum and gold and fair (and some not so fair) maidens.

The main protagonist, William Burr, is a bounty hunter and a classic man’s man, unafraid in the face of adversity and who possesses a keen eye for the ladies. Burr is pitted against Brown George Coyne, a wallaby fat smeared, gold dust wearing runaway convict whose violence is only matched by his maniacal tendencies. The story is fast paced and action filled, where the myriad of characters reach out and give the reader a good slap before disappearing back into a drinking den or brothel in old Hobart town.

Infamy is a ripper yarn and the last page comes too soon (although there is not an insignificant amount of relief in knowing that modern times are slightly more mundane).

Len, congratulations on a great achievement.

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