From Little Things Big Things Grow….

We (actually my wife and her mate Lynette, with a little help from the kids) planted 3 small, veggie patches a while ago.

Lieske's Iphone (July Aug 2013) 237>OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lieskes iphone (May 2014) 694Lieskes iphone (May 2014) 696

I admit I was sceptical, humouring their efforts as they turned the soil and planted a scraggly array of lettuce, chillies, herbs, carrots and beetroots.

“If the rabbits don’t eat them, the wallabies will!” I thought.

2 months later though I am reaped the rewards of the workers efforts, when on Sunday night I brought home fresh chillies, tomatoes, rocket and parsley which I cooked, with a little olive oil and spaghetti.


A message to my William: I would have saved you a tomato mate but they went to a better home….

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