I am too old for a baby….

Except if it is a newborn calf, that is.

Meet our first born. A baby heifer calf, daughter of Daz and proud Brangus mum.

Justin's iphone (August 2014) 080

Justin's iphone (August 2014) 083 (3)

As we were not expecting calves until early October, imagine our surprise when we drove into the farm on Saturday to see the little lady running around.
Justin's iphone (August 2014) 062

Cue much excitement and girly squeals, at least from me anyway.

Justin's iphone (August 2014) 079 (2)<
Of course, this meant sitting around on the hill, with the neighbours wetting the baby's head.

Justin's iphone (August 2014) 074

Life is good.

Justin's iphone (August 2014) 072

3 thoughts on “I am too old for a baby….

  1. I do, I do, I do – like it!!! still Not on Face Book…That Must indeed have been a huge event.
    Mind you, I was a wee bit flustered when I read the headline, on my mobile on the tram…the guy opposite me was visibly wondering at the changes on my face! Hope there will be lots more heifers..learnt a new word, too!
    La Tante

  2. Congratulations on your new arrival, hopes she’s thriving! Finally caught up with your blog, great to be able to see where you are at weekends and to keep in touch; look forward to future posts. All good wishes and love to all.

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