Tough Weekend At The Farm…

But luckily I had my champion nephew, Samson, there to help me out.


It was hot, real hot at Berrico. Despite a few threatening clouds, we only received a couple of spots of rain. Bad news for our little veggie patches so Samson rigged up a shade house for the baby tomatoes.


On Sunday, the cows came down with acidosis (essentially an overdose of protein delivered by yours truly). This meant a trip to the vet, putting the girls through the yards and giving them an antibiotic injection. Now, dealing with a bunch of stroppy Brangus cows is not easy at the best of times. Throw in a touch of sickness and the job becomes too big for one man. Luckily, Samson was there to help out.


Whilst the injection I am sure was for the cows benefit, the three inch needle brought a tear to my eye (although that may have been the antibiotic I sprayed all over my face).


Another learning experience.

P.S. Good job Samson and congrats again on becoming KYC’s newest employee!


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