Hot, Too Damn Hot

Our sizzling Spring weather has continued unabated, with Berrico recording 43 degrees in the shade the other weekend.

Lieske's iphone (Dec 2014) 241

This has meant trips to the river for the kids and a slowdown in getting stuff done as, well, it is just too hot for a soft city boy like me.

Justin's iphone (Dec 2014) 061

Lieske's iphone (Dec 2014) 291

That said, water management is a big issue for us as we run the farm off tank water and spring water for the beasts. Usually, at this time of year, the hills are green and Berrico Creek is flowing. Alas, not this year.

Nat and I found one of the last deep pools left on the creek, which I immediately jumped into. My brother reckoned it was on the nose and was full of mosquito larvae. I reckon any port in a storm.

Justin's iphone (Dec 2014) 088

P.S. I posted a couple of weeks ago that our cows has unfortunately picked up acidosis from, quite frankly, my mismanagement. Happy to report that all beasts are well and we now have three beautiful little heifer calves.

Lieske's iphone (Dec 2014) 047

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