The Lord Giveth, And The Tractor Taketh Away….

After three weeks away from the farm I was keen to see the new fence that my brother and mates had erected in the back paddock.

“Perfectly constructed, sort of straight – great job”, I thought, as I drove past on the tractor on my way to do some slashing.


A few hours later, heading back to the farm, I thought the weeds alongside the new fence line needed a bit of attention. Now, even though it is winter, the ground was pretty boggy but I was confident our Massey Ferguson tractor would be able to deal with the conditions…


5 minutes later, after sliding down a not-so-steep ridge and straight through the fence, I was starting to have my doubts.



Hearing the commotion (and my swearing), the steers wandered over to inspect the damage and then, bemused, wandered off again, keen to get as far away as possible from me and the fence.


Still, when you wake up to a morning as glorious as this, who cares about a little bit of extra fencing work!



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