The Lord Giveth, And The Tractor Taketh Away….

After three weeks away from the farm I was keen to see the new fence that my brother and mates had erected in the back paddock.

“Perfectly constructed, sort of straight – great job”, I thought, as I drove past on the tractor on my way to do some slashing.


A few hours later, heading back to the farm, I thought the weeds alongside the new fence line needed a bit of attention. Now, even though it is winter, the ground was pretty boggy but I was confident our Massey Ferguson tractor would be able to deal with the conditions…


5 minutes later, after sliding down a not-so-steep ridge and straight through the fence, I was starting to have my doubts.



Hearing the commotion (and my swearing), the steers wandered over to inspect the damage and then, bemused, wandered off again, keen to get as far away as possible from me and the fence.


Still, when you wake up to a morning as glorious as this, who cares about a little bit of extra fencing work!



The Recent Additions

Can’t believe we are nearly halfway through 2015. Time flies at the farm.


We are now running 11 new steers and, under the watchful eye of our neighbour, 8 new heifers and 5 calves!


Fencing and dam building at pace (and I am hopeful of soon finding the money tree to pay for everything).


Life is good!


PS farm brekkie whipped up by the boss last Sunday. Sensational.

Festival on the Hill (part 2) – Too Much Roast Pork is Never Enough

Apologies for the long delay in posting part 2 of our January shindig. Time just gets away in the country.

By the time the crowd had moved from the Hill to the veranda, the pig had been roasting under the watchful eye of Norm (Gloucester’s finest barbecuer) for about 6 hours.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 040

And, I have to say, it looked fine. Made only tastier but the delicious salads and sides rustled up by my wife and her army of helpers.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 044    Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 053

Under the stewardship of Norm, Joe and Rowdy, the beast was carved and plated for the masses and the dedication that was applied (and I put myself at the top of this list) to the consumption of piggy was admirable.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 055 (2)       Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 079

Wine followed pork and a delicious selection of deserts rounded out the evening’s fare. At one point, I did ask myself whether I would regret eating so much pork crackling the next day but deemed that question rhetorical.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 066                        Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 131

With food and wine consumed, dancing (albeit of the Tassie two step variety) was attempted as Bec Willis played a few more crowd favourites (noting there could have been more ACDC and less Bob Dylan). That said, great job Bec!

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 126    Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 116

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 140      Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 087

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 088

I would be remiss not to mention a highlight of the evening, being the appearance of Elvis’ son who now works as a fireman in the Shire. The King lives!

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 104

Finally, another big thank you to our photographer, Kent, who managed to capture (for better or worse) our first Festival on the Hill.

A great evening, with great friends. Good times!

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 110    Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 108    Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 111     Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 127

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 132

Hot, Too Damn Hot

Our sizzling Spring weather has continued unabated, with Berrico recording 43 degrees in the shade the other weekend.

Lieske's iphone (Dec 2014) 241

This has meant trips to the river for the kids and a slowdown in getting stuff done as, well, it is just too hot for a soft city boy like me.

Justin's iphone (Dec 2014) 061

Lieske's iphone (Dec 2014) 291

That said, water management is a big issue for us as we run the farm off tank water and spring water for the beasts. Usually, at this time of year, the hills are green and Berrico Creek is flowing. Alas, not this year.

Nat and I found one of the last deep pools left on the creek, which I immediately jumped into. My brother reckoned it was on the nose and was full of mosquito larvae. I reckon any port in a storm.

Justin's iphone (Dec 2014) 088

P.S. I posted a couple of weeks ago that our cows has unfortunately picked up acidosis from, quite frankly, my mismanagement. Happy to report that all beasts are well and we now have three beautiful little heifer calves.

Lieske's iphone (Dec 2014) 047

Make Hay While The Sun Shines….

Well, we were not actually making hay. With the assistance of our neighbour, Joe, and his offsider, Nick (aka Rowdy), we took in a load of hay over the weekend.

Maitland hay.

Maitland hay.

Each bale is around 700 kilos and had to be stacked into the shed, sparking much debate between Joe, Rowdy and Nat (I just nodded my head). We will use the hay to supplement the feed for our beasts, particularly, as rain has been in short supply.

Now what?

Now what?

No, no! Move it there.

No, no! Move it there.

So, with a combination of truck, tractor and chains (and luck), the hay ended up in the shed, just in time for an afternoon refreshment.

Where there is a will there is a way...

Where there is a will there is a way…

Hopefully, this is the last load for a while but with the rain staying away, you can never say never!

Job done.

Job done.

Thanks Joe and Rowdy. And to Jazz for her terrific photographic skills!

Jack2004 126

Berrico on Sunday morning.