Winter Wonderland

The farm this Winter has been awesome.Frosty mornings, fires at night and a stew or two. 

Reminds me of Tassie…but not as cold

Modern art Berrico style – frozen cow poo.

Cowgirl boots minus the cowgirl

Truth be said, I will miss the winter mornings.

For the cows it means extra feed and TLC.

PS Shawn this post is for you.

Festival on the Hill (part 1) – Cocktails at Sunset

A couple of weeks ago we held a little gathering at the farm to say a big thank you to all our friends and family who have made our first two years at Binalong such an amazing experience for us.

It has been the adventure of a lifetime and we are so glad you have been able to share it with us.


We were very lucky to have talented local musician, Bec Willis, make an appearance. Bec kept the great and the good entertained, whilst cocktails and a few cold beers were partaken on the hill.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 001

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 021 Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 015

Fortunately, the weather was spot on and, as usual, the view did not disappoint.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 006

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 019                 Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 024

We even managed to get Rowdy in a tie…


And whilst our photographer went for the open necked look, he eventually smartened up (sort of). Great snaps Norton. You are a good man.


Our jackaroo, Nick and his lovely wife, Teresa


The prettiest waitress in Berrico!

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 010

Half of the Kessler-Dowd clan.


The Berrico ladies. Outstanding!

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 032   Justin's iphone (Jan  Feb 2015) 050

My gorgeous wife, who pulled it all together. Love you, honey.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 012

The men folk. The pants may be a little tighter but a handsome bunch nonetheless…

Justin's iphone (Jan  Feb 2015) 005           Justin's iphone (Jan  Feb 2015) 048

Big Rich (or should that be Elvis?). Love your work mate.

Festival on the Hill (Jan 2015) 030

Friends forever…

Justin's iphone (Jan  Feb 2015) 058

Tough Weekend At The Farm…

But luckily I had my champion nephew, Samson, there to help me out.


It was hot, real hot at Berrico. Despite a few threatening clouds, we only received a couple of spots of rain. Bad news for our little veggie patches so Samson rigged up a shade house for the baby tomatoes.


On Sunday, the cows came down with acidosis (essentially an overdose of protein delivered by yours truly). This meant a trip to the vet, putting the girls through the yards and giving them an antibiotic injection. Now, dealing with a bunch of stroppy Brangus cows is not easy at the best of times. Throw in a touch of sickness and the job becomes too big for one man. Luckily, Samson was there to help out.


Whilst the injection I am sure was for the cows benefit, the three inch needle brought a tear to my eye (although that may have been the antibiotic I sprayed all over my face).


Another learning experience.

P.S. Good job Samson and congrats again on becoming KYC’s newest employee!


New Family Additions

Our family is expanding rapidly!

After sending our misbehaving ‘mickey’ Galloway bulls (steers that had not been properly castrated) back to the orphanage, we took possession of 5 Brangus cows in calf yesterday.
Justin's iphone (May 2014) 103

Brangus are Brahman Angus cross cattle, with big frames that condition well on hilly country like ours.

Justin's iphone (May 2014) 107

Daz, our bull, is extremely pleased although slightly disappointed that is harem is not larger. I think he should be thankful for what he has….

Justin's iphone (May 2014) 114

Say G’day To Daz

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our little baby boy, Daz.

Justin's iphone (March 2014) 153

Actually, at 1,700kg and with, ahem, enough manhood to make the best of us feel inadequate, he is anything but little.

Justin's iphone (March 2014) 154

Daz, an 8 year old Devon-cross bull, arrived on Sunday from our neighbours. He is the proud father of numerous, beautiful Devon Brangus calves in the area and we hope he will be as prolific at Binalong.

Justin's iphone (March 2014) 152

So, all he needs to do is sit back, relax and entertain the ladies.

I do believe he is living my dream.

Justin's iphone (March 2014) 151

That’s Gotta Hurt…

This could be a delicate subject for male readers, so please cross your legs now.

Another weekend in the sun at Binalong, working hard, eating what I shouldn’t and having a laugh with mates.

We are finally close to finishing the fencing for our second back paddock which will be a big help in rotating the steers across the pasture on the farm. At the moment, they eat and wander wherever they want which is great for the beasts but they go wild pretty quickly.
Berrico (August 2013) 004

So, after banging in fence posts, straining wire and “tying off” (tying the barbed wire to the posts”), we turned our attention to drenching the steers. Drenching involves putting the beasts through the cattle yards and squirting a liquid (ie drench) on their backs to kill lice and other parasites. This needs to be done every 3 months or so to keep the beasts in top shape.
Berrico (August 2013) 023

Now, earlier in the day, our neighbours had told us that one of our crazy Belted Galloways had escaped into their property and was trying to get to their heifers (female cows). This shouldn’t happen with steers as their interest in females should have disappeared (along with their testicles) at an early age.

Our neighbours kindly offered to put him through their yards so we could check whether, in fact, he had been properly neutered.

Now never having searched for a beasts balls before I was a little unsure as to what to do. With the encouragement of our neighbours to “get in there”, I took the plunge and indeed found a very large bull’s testicle where there should have been none.
Berrico (August 2013) 026

Back at our yards, we drenched our remaining steers and checked their tackle, finding that a least 3 were “proud” as the farmers say.
Berrico (August 2013) 058

This leaves us with a difficult dilemma, to either “cut” the steers (which requires no explanation) or return them to their original seller. “Cutting” the steers would leave them prone to infection and requires a more steady hand than mine, so I will be calling for their collection early next week.
Berrico (August 2013) 060

Berrico (August 2013) 057

Postscript: the steers again broke their fences and, after 6 hours of chasing them round the neighbours paddocks we got most of them back. The joys of farm life……
Berrico (August 2013) 032